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Manual Ecommerce 2017: ¡Que las ventas te acompañen!

Como cada año (y este es su V edición), Ecommerce News edita el “Manual eCommerce”, un ejemplar orientado a tiendas online y retailers para ayudar a mejorar sus ventas y resultados, a través de una serie de casos prácticos, casos de éxito y artículos de expertos en diferentes aspectos aplicables a una tienda online. La […]

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How Heptio plans to automate away Kubernetes setup pains

Heptio, the commercial Kubernetes outfit founded by two creators of that microservices management framework, has unveiled its first public project for making Kubernetes easier to deploy in the enterprise.

Kubernetes simplifies how apps run as microservices, but setting up Kubernetes itself is no picnic. Heptio’s project automates some of the fiddlier parts of the setup process via a custom, domain-specific language.

Heptio’s project, dubbed Ksonnet, is an open source tool set for assembling the configuration needed to deploy Kubernetes. The most common setup difficulties in Kubernetes involve creating the configuration files, what Heptio calls the “wall of YAML” problem.

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